Tan Foam


We strongly recommend you our TOP PRODUCT in format 150ml. A Copper Brown color which suits perfectly to all competititions.


This Foam will give your a Copper Brown color which perfeclty suits for all competition.
Easy to use, dries quickly and spreads evenly.

The Foam has to be applied early on competition day morning. Depending how pronounced you want the color to be, 2 or 3 applications can be done. Wait 5 minutes between applications.

Recommanded use :

  • Shake well before use. Use a special tanning glove for application.
  • Apply on a clean, dried and well prepared skin. 

Be sure to be completely dried before any contact with clothes or water.


Recommandations Tan Centaure

Téléchargez nos recommandations pour l'application de nos produits Tan Centaure ou pour votre passage en cabine.

Download (2.12M)

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